Membership for Pathologists

Why Join ASCP?

If you are a resident training to become a pathologist, you are focused on acquiring specialized knowledge about laboratory medicine, keeping tabs on the most current trends and advances in pathology, and honing your skills in preparation to become a pathologist. At ASCP, we understand your goals, which is why we are dedicatedto helping you:

  • Learn and study via our web-based study materials and continuing education programs and products including books, meetings, online CME courses, self studies, assessments, and webcasts.
  • Connect with peers and colleagues by attending ASCP 2014 and other networking events, or by becoming part of our Resident Council Representatives Network.
  • Stay informed about the latest news and scientific breakthroughs in your field with a subscription to Critical Values quarterly news magazine, as well as online access to American Journal of Clinical Pathology (AJCP) and LabMedicine.
  • Find support from other ASCP members, including fellow residents as well as experienced pathologists and laboratory professionals who can provide mentorship, advice and guidance as you prepare to enter a career in pathology.
  • Get involved by using ASCP’s e-Advocacy Center, participating in Global Outreach or volunteering on one of our committees or councils. 

  • Save with group discounts from our affinity program partners.